Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Order form for Bulk Canning Day - May 30, 2009

Orders will be due no later than May 15.

The order form is available in 2 forms. There is an excel spreadsheet that can calculate the number of cans/pouches, as well as calculate prices. There is also a blank pdf form, if you do not have excel.

There is a $10 fuel charge (same as last time).

Order forms can be downloaded from here for the excel sheet or here for the pdf or they can be accessed from the files section of Be Prepared Cincinnati.

They can be sent to: Jennifer D, PO BOX 915, West Chester OH 45071.
(One check should also be addressed to me and sent with the orders.)

Update: If you would like to refer to the old bulk/can or pouch chart, see it here. It's been included on the new order forms too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Bulk Canning days announced!

Mark your calendars:

May 30, 2009 and August 15, 2009

More information and order forms will be coming soon.

March - Today While the Sun Shines... ...we'll start getting out of debt

Here is this month's theme information:

1. Pay tithes and other offerings.
2. Don’t ignore your debt.
3. Create, use, and stick to a family budget.
4. Work towards paying off your highest interest debt.
5. Contact creditors and explain your situation.
6. Be sure to check your credit quarterly and correct any errors. (
7. Build a financial reserve.
8. Teach your family members how to manage money.

More information available at: (Cinci North Food Storage),11677,1709-1,00.html

There is a Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University being held at the Liberty Building: click here

Another class will be starting soon at the Fairfield/Hamilton Building: click here